Shoppe History

Wilmer Kraybill had a vision!

His desire and passion were to help the needy wherever needed. For several years he searched for a building that would be suitable. He recruited other interested persons to help start a shop that worked under the umbrella of MCC in supplying funds to help the needy all over the world. He recruited David Hoover from East Earl and they started dreaming up and forming a plan.

A meeting was planned for May 21, 1996, at Conestoga Mennonite Church (where the Shoppe is now located). MCC representatives, along with interested persons from the community met together, listened, and asked questions. From this meeting a Board was formed. A steering committee met February 11, 1997, to make further plans and announce that Mary Lois Stoltzfus had accepted the position of full-time manager. Jane Stoltzfus was hired as a pre-sorter and assistant manager 3 days a week.

February 25, 1997, another meeting was called with persons who made up the Board. Organization took place at this meeting with results as follows:

David Hoover – Chairman, Jay Martin – Assistant Chairman, Dawn Fox – Secretary, Mark Yoder – Treasurer. Other members the first years were Mervin Weiler, Mary Ann Leaman, Wilmer Kraybill, Leon Brown, Tom Yoder, Diane Pechart, Joyce Horning, and Betty Esh. Several did not start at the beginning, but were added, as the goal was to have one representative from each of the Mennonite churches in the area.

The stone house to the east of Conestoga Mennonite Church was available for rent but was filled with tires up to the ceiling. After much volunteer labor, the inside and outside were transformed, including removing plaster from the stones.

Brenda Wagner was instrumental in assisting Mary Lois with her knowledge in starting the Shoppe. Also, a personal friend from the New Holland Shoppe was very helpful with ideas and gave us some racks that they were no longer using. Numerous trips to a warehouse for racks and supplies were made. Souderton ReUzit donated clothes and jewelry to help us get started.

A meeting was called to recruit volunteers to help with the operation of the Shoppe. Brenda Wagner led this meeting and interviews began. April 7, 1997 Morgantown ReUzit Shoppe opened its doors for business for the first time. Excerpts from a diary of Jay Martin are as follows: “April 7 was a bit over $300.00, and the second day was a little over $400.” After serving 2½ years, Mary Lois retired to get married. September 1999, Barb Weiman, one of our volunteers, came on board as the new Manager. She shared that she had a heart for missions and wished to work in some way with MCC.

Conestoga Mennonite Church built a new building and allowed us to rent the old one at a rate of $800.00 per month. In 2009, the Shoppe reached the 1-million-dollar mark of donations to MCC.

All spaces on the main floor were filled and overflowing. It was time to expand! The basement was renovated for the workers and the main floor became all retail space. April 2010, the Shoppe was reopened for business again with more space!

Barb Weiman was assisted with part-time managers, Jane Stoltzfus, Mary Ann Leaman, Brenda Kurtz, and Jen Leaman. Later, our next assistant managers were Debra Hertzler, Karen Hertzler, Sharon Stoltzfus, and Pat Gascho. After the July 2012 resignation of Barb Weiman, Karen Porter was hired as General Manager and served until February 2014. Her manager team included Pat Gascho, Austin Unruh, Donna Conkey, Lori Frisco, and Sharon Stoltzfus.

In April 2014 Lori Frisco was hired as General Manger. Between 2014 and 2020, a number of capital improvements were made to the Shoppe. The warehouse addition was added 2016-17, followed by sewer improvements made 2018-19. Various makeovers during this time included shelf building, office renovations, and the installation of LED lighting in the retail sales area of the Shoppe. New blacktop was put down around the entire facility and an improved security system was installed by Dave Myers just prior to the close of the decade. With the departure of Lori in 2019, the Shoppe welcomed Sara Wisler as General Manager, who left in 2021.  Then Jen Leighton, who served on the Board for many years became General Manager; her term ended in July of 2022.   Morgantown ReUzit Shoppe welcomed its present General Manager, Deb DiMascio in August of 2022. Again, thank you for joining us as we work locally to make a difference around the world!

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Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.
The Lord be with all of you. 

2 Thessalonians 3:16 NIV

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19  NIV